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Root of a Hustler - Fruit of a Mogul: The autobiography of Justin W Frasier Based on a true story:

From New Best selling Author Justin W Frasier Root of a Hustler Fruit of a Mogul the untold Based on a True â story of Justin w Frasier growing up in the inner city of New York drifting into the inside world of the Drug trade and sub prime mortgage crisis and living out his passion for the music business and the loss , betrayal , death and wickedness that is the root of the condition of most inner cities and under served communities today his Rise to Power as a Mogul and visionary , humanitarian .. â The Real Gangster is the one who can take on the business world and help others help them self â ... His Famous quote The Dream is Free Hustle sold Separately .. This Book broke No codes only unlocked the change to Our people for the better!