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Black Mafia Family

Danny "Dog Man" Jones began selling American Bulldogs to the notorious brothers Demetrius "Big Meech" Flenory and his brother Terry "Pauley" Flenory before he was recruited to join the Black Mafia Family's operations in St. Louis, Missouri. He went from selling dogs, rehabbing houses and driving for some of the BMF members to eventually gaining the trust of one of the brothers and had become one of the managers of the organization. His new responsibilities included dropping off hundreds of kilos of cocaine to BMF members, along with maintaining houses in St. Louis for the organization, which warehoused millions of dollars in cash.
With brothers Big Meech and Terry indicted and behind bars, life changed for Danny overnight. He was gunned down, surviving seventeen bullets from a .40 caliber semi-automatic weapon, which riddled through numerous parts of his entire body. After several surgeries and regaining consciousness, Danny was determined to even the score. "In reality, I should have been dead" Danny reiterates, "But the Dog Man is alive and the truth must be told" he states. Danny tells his story in this seventeen chapter memoir, each chapter representing the seventeen bullets which could have ended his life.