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EMF Protection Pendant Necklace & EMF Protection Phone Sticker Set

  • 【NEGATIVE ION NECKLACE】Natural materials Lava and Tourmaline,empowering pendant.Strengthen the body's biofield, increase physical vitality throughout your day. energy balance necklace takes harmful damaging orgone energy from Electronic- magnetic frequencies and converts it to positive organized orgone energy, align with its protective power, Enhances the body's natural defenses against the damaging radiation coming from all EMF devices !A perfect gift for yourself or your friends
  • 【EMF Protection Sticker】Reduce EMF 99%: This sticker It is Tested & Proven to That Version Tech Cell Phone Anti Radiation Protector Shield Sticker DecreasesThe Amount of Electromagnetic Radiation, reduce radiation exposure by up to 99%, absorbs EMF and Counteracts Harmful Effects of EMF / EMR Radiation Generated by Electronic Devices, Providing Comprehensive Protection to Your Body
  • 【How Does It Work?】Radiation Shield Sticker Is Made of Radiation Protection Film and Negative Ion Film, Releasing Negative Ions That Neutralizes Positive Ions Produced by Electronic Devices, to Protect Our Health From EMF Radiation. Easy to Use: You Can Stick EMR Sticker Easily to The Back of Your Cell Phone And Other Electronic Devices. The EMF Radiation Shield Does Not Degrade! Its Very Long Life,No Need to Replace Tt Yearly, Will Serve You for ALong Time.
  • 【Slender Size】 Light And Thin Enough That Won't Make the Phone Heavier, New Ultra-Thin Design, You Can Put It on Your Cell Phone , ipad And Any Other Electronic Equipments. You Can Take It Anywhere! Protect You And Your Family From Radiation.
  • 【Widely Used】This Radiation Shield Sticker As a EMR Protector for Tablet PC, Cell Phone, Kindle, Computer, Air Conditioner,Refrigerator,Microwave Oven, Printer,Washing Machine,etc. It Transf