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Shattered Mirror - Volume II: From Desperation to Salvation (Volume 2): Trask, Shelia: 9781508411758: Books

Salvation is a gift from God, freely given to those who will believe and receive! As God's precious creation we were not created to die in sin, or to live lives engulfed with demonic oppression. We all sin and fall short of God's glory, but our sovereign Father has provided a way of escape through salvation. Dr. Sugar Trask, travels deep into the pit of her painful past to share how God heard her desperate cry for deliverance, from a life overshadowed with every form of darkness imaginable. "Shattered Mirror-Volume II...From Desperation to Salvation" will encourage the reader to know that Gods hands are not to short that He can't deliver, and His ears are not deaf, that He cannot hear our faintest cry.